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Birthday Control Pills


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   Looking for a clever little gift or favor for our friends over 50..  Just fill a little recycled bottle with M&M assortment, Skittles or assorted Jelly Beans..  Print off the verse below.. and attach it to the bottle.   For a good laugh and some fellowship of the ladies who earned the right to wear the Red Hats.. !  
    You don't have to leave the guys out on this one... It makes for a good laugh.


Birthday Control Pills

 No need for birth control
We weren’t sad to see it go
But now there are different problems
That need a little control


So this little gift will help you
To enjoy Birthdays..Yes they will!!!
Identify your symptoms
And enjoy your “sugar” pill.


Always Late……Orange
Can’t find my keys…..Blue
Forgot what I came for…..Red
Forgot where I came from…Green
Forgot Why I am doing this…Yellow
Forgot who you are….Purple
Forgot who I am…The Entire Bottle

ÓSally Suiter 2005


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